High-Field Terahertz Science

Terahertz (THz) radiation is one member of the family of electromagnetic waves, located between the microwave and the infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. The oscillation frequency of the electric and magnetic fields typically falls into the range of 0.1 THz to 30 THz, with corresponding wavelengths of 3 mm to 10 µm. The terahertz spectral range has become easily accessible with the advent of compact ultrafast solid-state laser sources. Today, laser-driven efficient THz sources can provide THz pulses with unprecedented pulse energy and peak electric and magnetic fields, containing a single or only a few oscillation cycles.
THz pulses with high energy and field strength are enabling novel applications, including resonant control over ionic motion, bound and free electrons, and spin, as well as nonresonant and strong-field interactions. Besides applications in imaging and security, intense THz sources also open up the way to construct compact particle accelerators for materials science and medicine.
Our research focuses on the development of intense and extremely intense pulsed THz sources and their applications. At present, this is one of the most rapidly developing fields in THz science, with a great discovery and application potential. Our High-Field Terahertz Laboratory offers a unique infrastructure both for in-house and collaborative research and development projects.
Main research directions: