High-Intensity Extreme-Wavelength Ultrafast Lasers

Ifjúság útja 20, H-7624 Pécs, Hungary

+36 72 503 600 / 24533

High Intensity Laser Laboratory

PTE-SzKK Laser Laboratory

TEWATI Laser System

Access and time allocation on our equipment/facilities open for all personal, non-profit or profit-oriented organization and enterprises.

The application form can be reached here: ApplicationForm_UP_ScienceBuilding.rtf Please fill it and send it to almasi@fizika.ttk.pte.hu

The quality of services does not depend on type of user organization, except the fee.

  1. For internal users (staff members) the access is free.
  2. For research partners in a contract or common research project the access is the direct cost.
  3. For outside partners, enterprises the access fee by virtue of discussion.

For general inquiries and logistical support please contact:
Project Co-ordinator: Gábor Almási, PhD
University of Pécs, Institute of Physics
Ifjúság u. 6, H-7624
Phone: (+36) 72 503 600 / 24490
Fax: (+36) 72 501 571
E-mail: almasi@fizika.ttk.pte.hu